Phoenix Heroes Update

A new update just dropped with a lot of returning things.
Change log :

  • The 2015 End of round such as War stats Score board and Personal stats
  • New menu with Treasure chests tab
  • Added the treasure chest logo in the corner of the menu
  • Changed the workbench screen from “Coming soon” to “Disabled”
  • Removed the broken game mode/map selector
  • Added the play tutorial button in options
  • Removed the bookmarked servers tab in options
  • Changed the application logo to that of Phoenix Heroes

The treasure chests do not work yet and will be getting worked on in the future for now they will only be there on the menu without actual functions. Since this is the first release of the 2015 Scoreboard and such it may have some bugs please report these to us in one of the BFHeroes channels once you encounter them. We also changed up the place where settings and such get stored because it would otherwise get in the way with the settings you use on different projects you will now have to open the Phoenix Heroes folder in your documents to unlock fps or change any game related settings that you normally cant on the menu.


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